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U4XGG Critical Ops Roster Announcement

POSTED BY Serdil Kaya 01/11/2018

Welcome the all new U4XGG Critical Ops roster as a part of our all new Mobile Division. We are excited to work alongside these players who have already proven themselves before.
The new roster consists of:

Critical Ops
• Miquel “Kingeh” Jimenez
• Jorge “Milio” Ramos-Bollat
• Damere “Mere” Whiters
• Luis “Luis” Vasquez
• Izra “Koado” Bereket
• Jonathan “Akjon” Cirillo

With their recent success in their respective tournaments and securing their position in the Critical Ops as one of the best teams out there, as an organisation we cannot wait to help contribute to their success to the level where they can officially and consistently be the best Critical Ops teams worldwide. Remember our name because the U4XGG Critical Ops is here and we are ready to dominate.