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U4XGG PUBGMobile Roster Announcement

POSTED BY Serdil Kaya 01/11/2018

We are very proud to announce a new roster as a part of our all new mobile division: the U4X PUBGMobile Roster.  As a result of our recent merger, we have acquired this roster and cannot wait to work alongside such talented players. This new roster consists of:




  • Wallister “Smaug” Ferreira
  • Nycolas “Pres1d” Coelho
  • Douglas “H4LLS” Riberio
  • Rodrigo “B4RBA” Peres
  • Kelly “ARY4X” Santos
  • Victor “PAP4M1KE” Marques



Alongside developing these players, as we are now an official member of the mobile scene we cannot wait to get involved and help supplement the growth of various titles such as PUBGMobile and Critical Ops. The PUBGMobile roster has already made great advancements in the scene, making it to the top 2 rankings in the South American region, we cannot wait to help develop these players and see them progress even further under the wing of U4XGG.