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U4XGG announces new CSGO roster

POSTED BY Serdil Kaya 31/10/2018

You may already know or not know about this announcement, but we are ready to make it official. U4XGG is proud to officially announce our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team who will be competing under the U4XGG brand for the foreseeable future. We are thrilled to announce such a strong and talented roster, who have already put up great results under the banner of U4XGG.


• Ross “Trials” Campbell – a talented player who started his cs career with a gift from his friend. Since then he has been able to put up impressive and consistent results offline specifically 3rd place at Epic.LAN 22 & 23 and 5th place at the GFINITY Elite Series.

• Ben “Rezzed” Bignall – a young gun within the UKCS community, Rezzed has been playing competitively for just over 2 years while making a name for himself with every nutty deagle shot. Rezzed is constantly looking to prove himself while he attends tournaments both online and offline.

• Cole “crit” Kearns – playing competitively for a year crit has been able to rise to prominence qualifying for ESEA Main and the ESL UK Premiership. At the same time, putting up good results offline with a win at Epic Grosvenor Reading and 9th at Insomnia, winning the intermediate tournament.

• Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram – a seasoned veteran who has been sitting at the throne since 2015. While making his start in 2013, EMPEROR came back to the scene in 2015 and since then he has been a great asset to the UKCS scene implementing his knowledge and wisdom into every team he enters. Despite being a veteran EMPEROR seeks to improve his results both online and offline.

• Jack “Br0die” Emmott – the dedicated AWPer of the team and overall dedicated player – Br0die seeks to prove himself by attending LANs with the intentions of achieving a higher placing each time. The hunger and talent are there, attending 4 LANs with numerous top 6 finishes.


Since joining U4XGG this roster has been able to put up amazing results and we cannot wait to see what more they can achieve this season. We would like to thank the roster for their hard work and dedication so far and we cannot wait to see them progress and win even more.