About Us

The Story behind U4X

From playing classic games filled with nostalgia to next-gen games, we have always wanted to fulfill the dreams that we had growing up in the wild wild world of gaming. Now in the modern age, what we once called an 'escape' has now become a passion. Where there is competition in Gaming, there is esports. We have dedicated ourselves to developing our careers in this direction to make way for the ones that will follow this same path. We are here on this journey to build a great community for the future - the real question is will you join us?

  • Joseph O'Neill Head of Esports Joseph O'Neill
  • Danny Burkett Head of Content Danny Burkett
  • Paulo Baptista Head of Marketing Paulo Baptista
  • Declan Holt Esports Director Declan Holt
  • Lee Houghton CEO / Founder Lee Houghton
  • Kevin Ratay Co-Owner Kevin Ratay
  • Larisa Rodriguez Competitive Critical Ops Manager Larisa Rodriguez
  • Ruben Destin Mobile Manager Ruben Destin
  • Serdil Kaya Blog Writer Serdil Kaya
  • Brayden Frazier Motion Designer Brayden Frazier
  • Danny Burkett Lead Designer Danny Burkett

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